Offensive Coordinator Fired after Ravens loss to Redskins

Despite keeping the Baltimore Ravens stuttering offense on course for a fifth straight playoff appearance offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, 51 has been fired from the NFL’s NFC North leaders.

Head Coach John Harbaugh claimed the team was in need of a change of direction if they were to play a heavy part in the 2012 playoffs.

“We put 28 points up so you’re not going to say that it’s a reaction to a down offensive performance,” said Harbaugh in a news conference that was both awkward and tense at times. “It would be real easy to go the route that says, ‘It’s the result of something and somebody is taking the blame for something.’ It is not that. People are going to believe what they want to believe. It’s what I believe is best going forward for our offense and for our football team. Cam was doing a heck of a job here. He did a heck of a job here for a long time. I believe that and I also believe that right now at this time, the timing says that this is the best thing and this is what we’re going to do.”

According to FOX Sports, Harbaugh’s Ravens have lost two straight games and seen their offense slip to the 18th ranking in overall offense with an average of just 344.4 yards per game. Cameron was relieved of his duties following an overtime loss to a Robert Griffin III inspired Washington Redskins.

Quarterback’s coach Jim Caldwell will take over the role of offensive coordinator for the remainder of the 2012 season; Caldwell coached the Indianapolis Colts as quarterback’s coach and later head coach. Caldwell’s first game as offensive coordinator will be against the Denver Bronco’s led by his former Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning.