MMA Fighter Jessie Finney Stops Robber

A thief at a Missouri grocery story probably would have gotten away with his crime if it weren’t for another man in the store who just happened to be an MMA fighter.

Jessie Finney is a professional kick boxer who is also well-versed in mixed martial arts. He spotted the thief trying to get away from a female sales associate and jumped into action. Finney didn’t know if the thief had a gun, but his instincts took over and he ended up saving the day.

The robber, who was pinned in a wrestling hold by Finney until authorities showed up, was attempting to steal some bottles of vodka. One of the bottles burst in his coat sleeve as Finney slammed him to the ground, but that was his only injury. Finney told reporters that without his martial arts training, he probably would have used unnecessary force when apprehending the guy.

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