Eden Hazard Will Not Face Criminal Charges

Eden Hazard Will Not Face Criminal Charges

Eden Hazard Not Charged

Chelsea star Eden Hazard will not be charged criminally for kicking a ballboy during the recent Capital One Cup semi-final at Swansea.

The incident occurred late in the match after the ball went out of bounds resulting in a goal kick for Swansea. Hazard, whose team trailed in the match, believed the ballboy was deliberately wasting time by covering the ball with his body. The player claims that he only intended to kick the ball out from beneath the boy and apologized for any accidental contact with his body.

The boy and his father were interviewed by Swansea police with no injuries reported nor any charges filed.

The team will lose Hazard’s services for three games following the red card he received due to the altercation. Team officials initially appeared to agree with Hazard’s assessment of time wasting but stopped short of condoning his actions in physically confronting the ballboy.

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