National Champions Arrested for Robbery

Four players from the University of Alabama football program have been arrested for allegedly robbing two fellow Alabama students and fraudulently using their debit cards. Head coach of the reigning national champions, Nick Saban suspended the players after their arrest stating their behavior was unacceptable.

Police claim linebacker Tyler Hayes, 18 and sfaety Eddie Williams robbed a student on Monday morning, taking his wallet and an Apple computer from his backpack. Williams then robbed a second victim as Hayes and defensive lineman D.J. Pettway, 20 waited nearby before Williams and running back Brett Calloway, 20 used stolen debit cards to purchase snacks.

The four back up football players were released on bond ranging from $5,000 for Calloway through to $65,000 for Williams. A day earlier Williams had been arrested by off campus police for illegal possession of a pistol after threatening a gas station clerk during an argument over Williams refusal to pay for his gas.