Ex-Quarterback Acquitted of Rape
Ex-University of Montana quartback Jordan Johnson of Eugene, Oregon, was acquitted of rape in a Missoula courtroom after over two hours of deliberation from a 14 person jury. Johnson, 20, was accused of assaulting a woman while watching a movie with her on on February 4, 2012 at her home. The victim said that they were kissing when his demeanor suddenly changed, then he held her down and raped her.

Witnesses who saw her after the incident testified that the woman was pale and shaking. Johnson admitted they had intercourse, but said it was consensual. He said she asked him if she had a condom. He said no, and she said it was alright. He stated that she never said no and he would’ve stopped if she had.

Johnson led the team to a successful 2011 season.

The University of Montana is the top sports attraction in Montana, and the city of Missoula centers around the university. . The incident left some worried that the players were out of control off the field.

Johnson was briefly suspended from the football team under the student-athlete conduct code in July when the felony charge was filed against him. He was still able to attend achool.