Championship Soccer Star Gives “Skint” Fan Tickets to Game

Tyrone Mings, defender of the Ipswitch Town, left a pair of tickets for a fan at the Portman Road gate. It turns out the football star regularly communicates with fans on game day via twitter.

One such fan, “Mr. Monk”, tweeted the star wishing him well and expressing a desire to attend the game. “Mr. Monk” sent his tweet under the hashtag #skint which is slang for not having the funds to afford tickets.

Mings responded by asking the fan if he had to the ability to drive to the game and followed up by informing him that tickets were placed for him at the gate under the name “Tris Monk”. When asked about the kind gesture, Mings replied that the fan “shouldn’t miss a game cos u can’t afford it”. For his part, Monk was touched by the act of kindness and said “players like yourself make ITFC a great club”.

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