Former NBA Star Ray Williams is Dead at Age 58

Former NBA star Ray Williams is dead at age 58. The announcement was made by his former team, the New York Knicks. The Knicks did not announce the cause of his death. However, the New York Post is reporting that Williams lost his battle against colon cancer. Williams lived a roller coaster life going from humble beginnings in New York City to the wealth, fame, and extravagant lifestyle of an NBA star and back to poverty.

It’s widely known that many NBA stars are not able to make the transition to a post-NBA life easily with some former players running into financial trouble.

In the case of Williams, he not only squandered his NBA earnings, but he ended up homeless.

He enjoyed a relatively long career with the NBA spanning eleven seasons, which ended in 1987.

In the summer of 2010, he returned to the spotlight when the Boston Globe ran a story chronicling his life as a homeless man living out of a dilapidated 1992 Buick and fishing for his food off Pompano Beach, Florida. Former teammates of his rallied to his aid most notably Larry Byrd and Kevin McHale. With plenty of help from his friends, his financial problems were resolved, and he obtained gainful employment for the City of Mount Vernon’s Recreation Department.

Williams life seemed to be on the upswing with a permanent residence and improved family relations. He is remembered by many of his former teammates as being a very considerate man who stood up for his friends.

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