NFL QB ‘RG3’ Said to be Superhuman

Washington Redskin’s star quarterback Robert Griffen III or “RG3” as fans know him is superhuman – at least in the words of his doctor. Dr. James Andrews made the claim to ESPN because of RG3’s extraordinary recovery from major knee surgery.

Dr. Andrews said he has seen that level of recovery only thrice before in his profession. The first time was for Baseball/Football star Bo Jackson, and the second time was for Adrian Peterson, and next for Wide Receiver Marcus Lattimore, all of whom Dr. Andrews described as being “superhuman”.

Needless to say, Dr. Andrews expects RG3 to make a full recovery and be ready for action later his year for the start of the NFL season. RB3 was injured on January 6 in a wildcard playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks. In the fame, Griffen badly twisted his knee in a manner described as “gruesome”. The surgery was performed to repair torn knee ligaments.

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