Browns QB McCoy Trade Rumors

As the close season in the NFL sees teams making alterations to their playing rosters players find themselves the subject of trade rumors, especially if last seasons performance was below the expected standard.

The latest player to be the subject of various trade rumors is Cleveland Browns Quarterback Colt McCoy, who began last season as the expected starter for the Browns before being replaced in the starting line up by Brandon Weedon. Following the signing of veteran former Oakland Raiders QB Jason Campbell by the Browns McCoy’s position with the NFL team began to look uncertain on Wednesday.

Various media reports quickly followed stating McCoy would quickly be traded from the Browns to another NFL team or simply be released to remove his salary from the roster.

Former Texas Longhorn McCoy joined the Browns in the 2010 NFL draft and despite an impressive start to his professional career has failed to hold down the position of Browns starting QB. Following the start of the trade rumors a variety of Browns sources went public with their team’s determination to hold on to the misfiring quarterback for now. With few assurances available about his future many NFL analysts reported McCoy should leave his $4.96 million contract with the Browns and seek a fresh start with a new team.