CBS broken leg replay: network backs coverage

CBS broken leg replay: network backs coverage

CBS Chairman Backs Coverage of Gruesome Basketball Injury

U.s. network CBS has been praised by some for its decision not to show multiple replays of the gruesome injury suffered by a college basketball player live on the TV Sunday afternoon.

During the Elite Eight game between Louisville and Duke Louisville’s Kevin Ware fell awkwardly and broke his leg so badly his tibia was forced through the skin covering his leg. The injury was so gruesome many of the players and Louisville coach Rick Pitino were seen in tears as Ware was treated on the court.

Because of the graphic nature of the injury CBS Sports decided to ban further replays of the incident being shown on the network after an initial two were shown to provide viewers with a glimpse of how the injury happened.

Some viewers were offended CBS even showed the replay at all.

“CBS Should Not Have Replayed Kevin Ware’s Leg Shattering. Not Even Once” — Esquire Culture Blog

“There was no need for CBS to show the replay on Kevin Ware’s leg snapping like a twig once, let alone twice.” — Matt Sugam, college basketball writer for SNY.

The chairman of CBS Sports Sean McManus has since gone public with his pride in the editorial stance taken by the network in refusing to show multiple replays of Ware’s injury.

No footage was shown on Ware’s visible bone or the blood that was seen on the court during the live broadcast; McManus claimed people now have DVR technology allowing them to rewind live TV making it difficult to justify showing multiple replays of devastating injuries. Ware has completed surgery on his broken leg and is expected to watch Louisville from the bench as they compete in the Final Four Sunday.

Here’s video, but be warned.


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