RB3 Takes to Twitter in Salty Rant Over Baylor’s Loss

Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III is not happy over Baylor’s upset defeat at the hands of Louisville in the Women’s NCAA College Basketball tournament. Griffin is himself an alumni and has a very soft spot for his alma mater.

Apparently, his ties to the school are deep enough to take it personal when his heavily favored Baylor team was eliminated. Baylor was expected to make it to the final four with the match against Louisville serving as a warm-up exercise. However, the Louisville Cardinals fought hard and pulled off a narrow 82-81 victory.

Their rough play was too much for Griffin to stomach. Griffin, or RG3 as he’s known, said that, despite his efforts to refrain from using Twitter to rant, he could not help himself.

He complained that Lady Cardinals were “throwing elbows, slaps, and weave”. He accused a Louisville player of “mean-mugging” Baylor’s Griner in the belly as she made a clean shot.

RG3 attempted to take the high road and accept the defeat with grace while saying he doesn’t have to like how Louisville obtained their win. RG3 said that Louisville won the game on their 3-point shots, but for every field goal they hit they threw “6 elbows, 5 straight lefts, 4 right hooks, 3 roundhouse kicks, 2 jumping knees, 1 superman punch”. If that is true, then no wonder the Cardinals won.


RG3 Twitter Rant: Baylor Upset In Women’s NCAA Tournament Sets Off Robert Griffin III