Senators Catcher Still Hospitalized Following Home-Plate Crash

Brian Jeroloman remains hospitalized following the high impact crash he endured as catcher when an opposing team member ran into him at home plate. The accident occurred during game one of the Eastern League semifinals between the Harrisburg Senators and Erie Sea wolves.

Days later, Jeroloman remains at St. Vincent hospital in Erie as physician’s conduct examinations to determine the complete nature of his injuries. However, it is reported that much of the concern from physicians of precautionary as they do not want to release him until they can verify he is truly fit to play more baseball.

Brandon Douglas of the Sea wolves was trying to be the throw when he plowed into Jeroloman. The latter did not have time to brace for impact which likely made the blow to his body all the more severe. Douglas was able to remain in the game but ended up missing game two of the playoffs due to pain in his right shoulder. His right shoulder was the point of impact for him against Jeroloman.

The accident left the audience silent as it was obvious Jeroloman was in severe pain. His team mates later expressed their horror at witnessing the accident. One team member said that he took comfort that Jeroloman was conscious and talking despite the agony he was enduring.

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