Sir Alex Ferguson on Beckham’s Lost Focus


David Beckham is considered to some as being one of the most talented footballers that have played the game in recent years, but one person has a lot to say about Beckham and his footballer skills.

Sir Alex Ferguson, a former manager for Manchester United, says that David Beckham was the best until it all changed during the height of Beckham’s career. According to theĀ Irish Independent, Ferguson stated that he felt the once dedicated Beckham became undedicated to the sport of football following his marriage to Victoria (Adams) Beckham, aka, Posh from the 1990s music group Spice Girls, and thus ruined David Beckham’s ability to play football in the most efficient way. Ferguson also went on to say that during the time Beckham married Victoria, Beckham lost his focus on the field and lost his focus entirely for the sport.

Comments from Ferguson were said following an interview with PBS. Ferguson went on to say that he believed Beckham changed because of his new, found celebrity status. Ferguson later told sources that he has forgiven Beckham and also said that he would have never done what Beckham had done, but respects still has respect for the person that Beckham has now become.