jim kelly chemo postponed

jim kelly chemo postponed

Former Buffalo Bills Quarterback Jim Kelly Delays Chemo Therapy
Buffalo, New York – Hall of fame Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly will not be getting chemo and radiation therapy until this coming Monday. It is not clear why there was a delay in starting the treatment, but it is clear that he will need to the process in order to fight off a fresh bout of cancer.

According to oncologists, there is a risk that the cancer will metastasize to his carotid artery which would be life threatening. Additionally, they discovered what they term are microscopic tumors in his head which are believed to be cancerous.

Despite the aggressive treatment, Kelly’s doctor is optimistic and says the cancer is “very treatable and potentially curable.”

“I just know there’s a lot of work to do, to shrink the cancer,” Kelly said. “I just pray it works. If you hear I’m about to have surgery, then you know it’s working. That’s the goal. But it won’t be an easy operation.”

Needless to say, the treatment will have to address a wide range of complexities not the least of which is the physical and emotional toll the treatment will take on his body and mind. For his part, Kelly has thanked family, friends, and fans for their expressions of recovery. He also stated that he is most grateful for their prayers and believes it will be those heartfelt pleas to God Almighty that will make the difference in his battle against cancer.

Kelly’s daughter Erin has remained at his side and is his rock and support through this difficulty time of his life.

Dan Kelly, an older brother, said what amazes him most has been Jim’s enduring concern for others throughout his life.

“It’s never been about him, it’s always been about other people and what he can do for somebody else…. He is the definition of love. It’s very painful to watch him go through it and to sit there and not be able to do anything about it. All you can do is pray.”

jim kelly chemo postponed

jim kelly chemo postponed