All questions about the seriousness of Aaron Rodgers injury, quarterback for Green Bay can be laid to rest. Coach Mike McCarthy Monday said the medical report he received was promising. Aaron Rodgers suffered from a strain hamstring during the second half of Sunday night’s game against the New Orleans Saints which resulted in a 44-23 loss. McCarthy commented by saying “So far so good I would say is how we’re looking at it”.

Rodgers says “I’m not going to miss any time”. McCarthy had stopped calling plays that asked Rodgers to roll out or conduct bootleg fakes. “If I felt it, then I had to back off a little bit” says Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers didn’t even want to call it a hamstring pull, and said he felt like he could still play. Tom Clements the Offensive coordinator stated to the paper the injury eliminated “designed quarterback movement plays” but added he did not need to “revamp the whole plan”.

Rodgers injury may not be a big deal long term wise, but it was very clear Rodgers was not his usual self. Rodgers threw an interception where he only dropped back one-and-a-half steps than the normal traditional three or five-step dropback. His passer rating before was 133.1. After the injury it was 45.8. The element of him moving like he did when he scrambled for a first down was gone.

Coach McCarthy said “I thought he played smart and didn’t really open up to put himself in the way of future, further injury”. As long as I could hold up, I felt like I could run one in there somehow” says Rodgers. “I probably would have had Coach take me out if it would have been real detrimental to my health for the season”.

Rodgers definitely gave the Packer faithful a good scare on Sunday night. But, the good news for Rodgers and the Packers is they have a very timely bye next week. Rodgers is optimistic the things will be business as usual after the bye week and be back under center for the Packers Week 10 showdown with their NFC rivals the Chicago Bears.