Cotton Bowl: A Memorable Come From Behind Victory

Cotton Bowl: A Memorable Come From Behind Victory

The 2015 Cotton Bowl: A Memorable Come From Behind Victory

Early in January, 2015, teams from Michigan State University and Baylor competed with one another for victory in a memorable 79th annual game. The Goodyear Cotton Bowl occurred in AT&T Stadium before a riveted audience of 74,464 fans.

Sports writer Joe Rexrode of the Detroit Free Press wrote that at one point the match appeared to be “over in the third quarter.” With only four minutes and three seconds remaining at that point in the quarter, the team from Baylor led 41-21.

But then an upset occurred, one which still inspires discussion from sports commentators almost a week later. In the remaining few minutes of the game, Michigan State came from behind to achieve a stunning upset victory, 42-41.

Spectators described the match overall as one of the best in recent memory. With remarkable plays and a fast-paced environment, both teams demonstrated great proficiency on the field. The final quarter in particular kept fans engrossed in the action. As Michigan State struggled to overcome Baylor’s significant lead in the last few minutes of the game, excitement filled the stadium. Then, with only 17 seconds remaining, the score of the final point by the team from Michigan determined the outcome.