Tatum O'Neal women

Tatum O’Neal women

Tatum O’Neal is sober and looking for love.

The actress has revealed she’s dating again but this go around, she’s dating women now. That’s what she tells People in a new interview alongside her son, author Kevin McEnroe.

“I like women,” O’Neal says. “I definitely have been dating mostly women recently. I think women are the most amazing creatures on earth. They’re gentle, and also more intelligent than the men that I’ve met recently. I don’t have a steady right now, but I look forward to it.”

O’Neal was previously married to tennis player John McEnroe from 1986 to 1994; they have three children together: Kevin, Sean, and Emily. O’Neal also dated Michael Jackson in the late 1970s. As for her sexuality, O’Neal says she’s “not one or the other.”

After a decades-long struggle with drugs, O’Neal — who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the age of 9 — says she’s the healthiest she’s ever been these days. “I’m the most content I’ve ever been,” she gushes. “I’m the proudest mother in the history of the world.”

Kevin McEnroe’s new novel, Our Town, is a fictionalized account of his grandmother, Tatum’s mother, the actress Joanna Moore who also struggled with an addiction to pills. McEnroe says writing the book helped him to forgive his mother for her addiction.

“Writing the book about Joanna helped me to understand it wasn’t a choice,” he says. “There’s definitely this sense when you are young, that you’re choosing this over us and I think real forgiveness came when I realized this wasn’t the case. When you’re really in it, there is no way out. But when you’re 11, it feels like that — if you keep on doing this — you are not going to see us, so how could you keep doing this?”

McEnroe says as a child he’d have to hide in his bedroom to escape his mother’s heroin addiction. “I would lock myself in my room because it was hard to be around her not acting like herself.”

Now, mother and son are closer than ever. “There were years my kids didn’t know if I was going to live or die,” O’Neal admits. “Now I call Kevin every single day and I always say I am making up for lost time.”