Peyton Manning's touching gesture to family of child killed by drunk driver

Peyton Manning’s touching gesture to family of child killed by drunk driver

Grieving Family Finds Comfort in Kind Act from Payton Manning
Sports pundits all concur that star quarterback Peyton Manning is destined to enter the Hall of Fame. Even at age 39, Manning remains a force in the NFL. He recently broke Brett Favre’s record for the most touchdown passes which stood at 508. Over his fourteen seasons in professional football, he has become one of the league’s most iconic players. Not surprisingly, a youngster by the name of Logan Allen Brown became a huge fan of the man known as “The Sheriff” after attending an Indianapolis Colts game.

Since that time, Brown tracked Manning’s career even after he left the Colts to play with the Denver Broncos. By this time, Brown was a fifteen-year-old teenager. His father was planning to take him 1,000 miles to Denver to watch Manning play for the Broncos. It was not meant to be. Brown, a football player in his own right, was tragically killed by a drunk driver. In an effort to foster her own healing process, Gayle Ricketts, Brown’s maternal grandmother, wrote a heartfelt note to the Denver Broncos letting the team know of her grandson’s passing away. She also let them know her late grandson was Manning’s most loyal fan.

In response, Manning wrote Mrs. Rickett's a handwritten letter expressing his deep sense of appreciation for her grandson's admiration. In addition, he included a signed photograph of him in full NFL attire. The photograph also bears the handwritten message: "In memory of Logan Brown". Needless to say, the family was touched by his simple act of kindness. Brown's father Charles found Manning's response to be a source of inspiration. All too often, fame can give a person an enlarged sense of their own self-worth. He found Manning's response to be an indication that he ever remains a simple human being willing to help out his fellow man.