Floyd Mayweather To Be Stripped Of Belt?

Floyd Mayweather To Be Stripped Of Belt?

A Rematch Seems to be Brewing

Floyd Mayweather, who prevailed over Manny Pacquiao in the what many called the fight of this century this past May, won that fight on a points decision. As it turns out, Mayweather was also supposed to vacate his World Boxing Association (WBA), and WBO 154-pound belts after that fight. According to sources in the boxing world, Floyd Mayweahter has failed to do this. The likely outcome of this scenario will be that he is stripped of the belt he won in May against Pacquiao.

Stripping Mr. Mayweather of this belt is strictly symbolic, and would not affect his 48-0 record, nor would it hand over a win to Mr. Pacquiao. What’s more is Mayweather recently reignited his acrimonious relationship with Pacquiao by making fun of his shoulder injury on Instagram. Having already won the title, and knowing Mr. Pacquiao fought through an injury, it seems odd that Mr. Mayweather would engage in making incendiary remarks about his opponent from that legendary fight.

Manny Pacquiao is known for his graciousness, and to a lesser extent, his faith. He drew on both when he responded to Mayweather’s comments. He attributes Floyd’s childishness to poor upbringing, and the fact that he is an ex-convict. His muted response was rather cutting nonetheless. Pacquiao made other comments, but overall they were somewhat positive, attributing Mayweather’s behavior to being dragged up rather than raised. He also brought up Mayweather’s domestic violence charges regarding his now ex-wife. Overall Pacquiao was creating a profile of Mayweather’s character, shining a light on all that is characteristically wrong with this titled boxer.

It would seem Pacquiao, in light of Mayweather’s failure to vacate his 154-pound belts, was adding a little sweet salt to the wound. Pacquiao’s timely remarks seem to coincide with the talk about Floyd’s failure-to-vacate on the other belts. These 2 may be out of the ring, but the fight continues. Mayweather, belts stripped or not, keeps going after Pacquiao, and when Manny defends himself, he is just as incendiary, albeit in a nice way. It would seem these 2 are setting the stage for a rematch, and that might be exactly why Mayweather did not do as he was supposed to regarding the 154-pound belts. His win is not called into question if he is stripped of the belt, but it sure does set up for a rematch! Belts are the highest accolade in this completely pugilistic sport. Millions of dollars were made on their last fight, so why not do it again!