Jordan Spieth turns 22, wears chicken hat to celebrate

Jordan Spieth turns 22, wears chicken hat to celebrate

Jordan Spieth turns 22


Jordan Spieth turned 22 on Monday, July 27. He’s already a five-time PGA Tourwinner, two-time major champion, and matching marks accomplished by Bobby Jones,Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

And how did he celebrate? By wearing a chicken hat, of course, and posing for pictures with his sister Ellie.

The relationship between Jordan and Ellie Spieth is a touching one. According to Golf Digest, Ellie suffers from a neurological disorder and Spieth calls her the “best thing that ever happened to our family”:

“Growing up with Ellie has helped Jordan and Steven both have that quality of not being self-centered,” Shawn says. “In sports, there are certainly some benefits to having everyone and everything focused on you. It can help get you there faster, and usually that’s what it takes to be the very best at anything. But it can also be harmful. Over a long career, I think balance and perspective, more times than not, will make you happier, whether you end up being the very best or not. If Jordan doesn’t ever become No. 1, he’ll know that’s only a piece of life, not all of life.”

Lanny Wadkins is a friend of the Spieth family through his son Tucker, who played junior golf with Jordan. “They’re wonderful people who taught their two boys some great values because of Ellie,” Wadkins says. “It’s really easy when you’re really good at something to take it for granted. Because of his sister, Jordan really appreciates what he has, and it helps him work harder. To be honest, I think that’s a big part of what makes him so special.”