ESPN apologizes  to Patriots for deflategate story

ESPN apologizes to Patriots for deflategate story

ESPN apologizes for deflategate story

The fallout from the “deflategate” scandal that has seen many questions about the legacy of the New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady continue to rumble on. As part of its coverage of the “deflategate” story, ESPN has been looking back over the history of the Patriots and cited on at least two occasions the “spygate” scandal that struck the Boston based franchise following the filming of opponents sidelines scandal in 2008. ESPN has been citing a now disproved report from The Boston Herald that claimed the Patriots had recorded a St. Louis Rams practice prior to the Super Bowl in 2002.

The story was corrected by The Boston Herald soon after it was released, but it has remained in the consciousness of many, including at least two ESPN anchors. Sportscenter anchor Steve Levy was forced to read out an apology directed towards the Patriots live on the flagship ESPN show after anchor Hannah Storm referred to the issue during a discussion on “deflategate” broadcast on Sportscenter and the bottom line news ticker also included it as evidence of Patriots cheating. No evidence of a video of the Rams practice has ever been found and the story seemed to appear after the 2008 sideline filming problems, which came from Patriots cameras being positioned incorrectly.