Terry Bradshaw domestic violence

Terry Bradshaw was speaking on Fox last night about Greg Hardy’s controversial return to the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys. 

A reported by Fox News, Hardy was convicted by a judge of domestic abuse, but when his victim failed to show for the second hearing, the case ended up being thrown out.

Hardy is returning from a year out (with full pay) as well as a four game suspension for his actions, and in his first press conference, he made a number of remarks that suggested that he has little or no remorse. Journalist Katie Nolan of the show Garbage Time was justifiably outraged with the tone of his comments, and pulled no punches when she addressed it last week.

Hardy’s conduct in that interview drew plenty of criticism, including from within the NFL itself, and this weekend legendary quarterback Terry Bradshaw turned his attention to it.

He places the blame on Hardy as well as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for enabling this type of behaviour. In his passionate speech, he states that there should be no place for people like Hardy in the NFL.

Via SB Nation