north dakota new nickname

Its been three years in the making but, the University of North Dakota’s sports programs have finally announced a nickname again.

UND president Robert Kelley announced Wednesday that the former “Fighting Sioux” will now be known as the “Fighting Hawks,” the nickname chosen by UND voters in an online voting runoff over runner-up “Roughriders.” The “Fighting Sioux” moniker was controversially dropped at the NCAA’s behest in 2012, sparking years of debate and discussion over what the university’s athletics programs — perhaps most notably, its powerhouse men’s hockey program — should be called instead.

“I think this name underscores the tremendous competitive spirit of our athletic teams, our student-athletes and the entirety of the University of North Dakota, expressing our state spirit and the fact that UND continues to ascend to newer heights on a daily basis,” Kelley said, per the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

"Fighting Hawks

“Fighting Hawks