Gretzky rookie card 465K

Gretzky rookie card 465K

A Wayne Gretzky rookie trading card has sold for $465,000, a record for modern-day hockey cards, according to Goldin Auctions.

The identity of the buyer was not identified. According to ESPN, this is a record for a hockey card. The previous mark was dated May 2011 when an individual had paid the amount of $ 94,163.

The value of the card of the “Great One”, after the O-Pee-Chee collection of 1979 was four times lower than the price paid.

“I was not surprised,” said Ken Goldin, CEO of Goldin Auctions, based in New Jersey.

“The Great One certainly has the No. 1 hockey card of all time, and with all the millions of card collectors and hockey fans out there, they wanted bragging rights.”

Goldin says any Gretzky card is coveted by collectors, but this one is in mint condition.

“In this particular grade, there is only one,” said Goldin.

“Of all the cards that have been sent in to be graded and authenticated, this is the only one that’s been graded a perfect ten. It’s the best of the best. One of a kind.

“When Gretzky was playing in his prime, there was no one close. There was no argument about who was the best. Same with this card, there is no argument,” added Goldin.

“This is the best grade, the best card of the best hockey player of all time.”