Olga Korbut, a former Soviet gymist, has auctioned some of her trophies, including three Olympic medals from the summer games of Munich 1972, for a total of 183,300 dollars. The 61-year-old earned the team’s gold just 66,000 dollars. According to Russian media reports, the native of Belarus is said to have had financial problems.

Korbut had won gold at the age of 17 in Munich with the team, on the ground and on the suspension beam, silver took it on the stepped bar behind the German Karin Janz and advanced to the popularity of the games.

The Korbut, nicknamed “The Sparrow of Grodno”, was only 1,55 m tall and 38 kg light weight, and introduced the element “Korbut Flip”, named after her, on the stepped bar. In 1976, Korbut again won gold with the team and silver on the suspension beam. Today she lives in the USA.