On Tuesday, the thirty-six year old mother of fourteen posed in nothing more than a pair of flesh-toned panties for a British magazine. Modestly trying to cover her 34 DD’s, Nadia had the photos taken to show off her size eight, post pregnancy frame.

nadya suleman pose

The self proclaimed ‘good mother’ told Closeronline, “I just pinged back into shape like a rubberband after the kids…” According to the Octomom, she eats like a horse, doesn’t count calories, and only jogs forty miles a week to relieve stress.

Starting in 2001, Suleman was impregnated five times, resulting in the birth of six of her kids. Then, in 2009, after giving birth to octuplets, Nadya became known as ‘Octomom’.

Although Suleman has many male admirers. she will continue her thirteen years of celibacy by remaining celibate for another fifteen years.