Baby Boy Rescued from Filthy Home with 58 Dogs

Police rescued a one year old baby boy along with 58 dogs living in filth in a Springtown, Texas home.

48-year old Teresa Weldon, who contends she runs an animal rescue shelter from the residence, was arrested along with four additional family members, charged with child endangerment and animal cruelty.

The one year toddler, found in a crib, is Weldon’s grandson.

Most of the dogs were without food and water and stacked in cramped crates, with almost half of them living outside without adequate care or shelter.

Weldon’s husband Harry, her son Joe and two additional children were those arrested. Two of the dogs were in such poor health that they had to be euthanized and five puppies inadequately cared for died shortly after officers raided the feces-infested property.

Neighbors contend that Weldon had as many as 200 dogs on the property at one time or another over the past 24 months.

Baby Boy And 58 Dogs Rescued From Home

Baby Boy And 58 Dogs Rescued From Home