She’s a pop diva on a comeback trail, but Britney Spears proved that old habits die hard. The singer looked a little worse for wear at FOX’s upfront presentation yesterday at the Beacon Theatre in New York.

Spears, who was dressed in a cream mini, had to change out of her killer outfit after a slight wardrobe malfunction. According to RadarOnline, Spears switched into a dark eggplant Alexander Wang number because she got blood on her first dress from chewing her nails down too far.

According to the Daily Mail, Spears has been fighting this habit for a long time, even saying four years ago, “I have to learn to stop biting my nails! I would like to stop worrying so much, because I worry all the time.”

Spears’ nails weren’t the only tasty treat that she was snacking on yesterday. She was also visibly smacking down on a piece of gum while giving interviews. (In all fairness, Simon Cowell, who was standing next to the songstress, was chewing away, too!)

It looks like someone must have noticed her bad habit because by the time Spears stepped out in front of the advertisers, her bubble-popping, lip-smacking gum was nowhere to be seen.

Despite a few naysayers, Cowell says he isn’t concerned about her appearing on live TV. He isn’t the only high-profile name that has the pop princesses back, either.

Former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson recently told ET Online that Spears has “everybody rooting for her.”

“I think it’s cool,” she told ET Online. “People love her. Everybody wants to root for her.”

Clarkson’s costar for Duets, Robin Thicke, echoed the same sentiments, saying, “I’ve always been a Britney Spears fan. You’d be hard pressed to get me to not like Britney Spears.”

Britney Spears Chewing Gum On X Factor?

Britney Spears Chewing Gum On X Factor?