Michael Baker was not only brazen enough to steal gasoline from a police cruiser in broad daylight, he openly bragged about it by posing his picture in the act on Facebook.

The 20-year old resident of Jenkins, Kentucky, however, helped lead police directly to his door, thanks to his Facebook posting, which shows a smiling Baker siphoning gas from the tank of a police car while he defiantly faced the camera with an obscene hand jesture.

After questioning by the police, Baker was arrested on a charge of unlawful taking and released, with his arraingment expected today. Baker followed up the incriminating photo on Facebook, which has since been removed, with a report that “I went too jail over Facebook”. He admitted to friends that he thought the photo capturing his crime was “funny as hell.”

There is no word whether or not Baker will think it is funny if he is fined or sentenced to jail over the caper.

Facebook Photo Helps Nab Michael Baker's Gas Theft From Police