Nicholas Pellon, 25, is being described as the world’s dumbest criminal by Police Chief James Mann after his botched attempt to break into a store where he is often a customer.

Pellon allegedly used a rope to drop down into the store to take $150.00 worth of cigarettes, but he was unable to climb up the rope. The entire process was caught on video by the store’s camera.

The attempted burglary took place Sunday morning at Moh’s Market in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. He was able to escape through holes he drilled in the basement leading to an upstairs apartment.

With the aid of the video and the information on Pellon’s tab with the store, police were able to identify and arrest him in his apartment, also above the store, the same evening of the burglary. The damage done during his escape from the well-secured business resulted in $2,500.00 of damage.

Nicholas Pellon Has Running Tab With Owner Who He Robbed