Stupid criminals of the week are a pair of men in Boston, MA. The men decided to hijack a cab using a pellet gun. Police were able to deduce where the criminals went because of a large flower arrangement one of the dumb criminals was carrying.

Police followed the trail of yellow, orange and red pedals in order to nab the criminals. It is reminiscent of the old fairytale of Hansel and Gretel. The pair left bread crumbs along their path so they could find their way home later. Unfortunately, for the fairytale characters, animals ate their markers. The Boston criminals were not as lucky.

The hijackers pulled the pellet gun on the taxi driver after their credit cards declined payment for their fare. They shot the cab driver in the chest and one of the men stole the cab, leaving his partner to take the fall. The stolen car crashed, forcing the thief to abandon it.

Stupid Criminals of the Week