A report of a stolen cell phone raised police suspicions and led to an Ohio man being arrested for solicitation.

Twenty-nine year old William Ferris called 911 to report that his cell phone was taken by a woman at a Cincinnati area White Castle restaurant.

Upon investigation, police found that Mr. Ferris gave the woman the phone in exchange for sex in the White Castle restroom after she discovered he did not have any cash to pay for services rendered.

William Ferris is no stranger to the Ohio criminal justice system. He was arrested for filing a false report in 2010 when he called police to claim he was robbed by a prostitute when she did not deliver all of the services he was promised.

Mr. Ferris served probation on the 2010 charges. His trial for his most recent arrest is scheduled to begin May 21 in Hamilton County court.

William Ferris Calls Cops About Prostitute's Service In White Castle Bathroom