Non-Whites Trending Toward The New U.S. Majority

According to a 2011 census, births that are considered to fall into ethnic minority groups made up 50.4% of the babies born in the United States.

The people defined as members of ethnic minorities were those of Asian, Hispanic, African or mixed racial heritage.

This was the first time births to Caucasians, or whites, were a minority number.

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The data covered a 12-month period that ended in July of 2011 when about 4 million children were born in the U.S. Data on this subject has shown a trend in this direction for a number of years.

The number of minority births was 37% in 1990 and 48.6% two years ago. One reason for this trend, according to one study, are the general ages of various groups.

People of European descent are significantly older than a substantial portion of the Hispanic population.

Non-white births outnumber white births in US

Non-white births outnumber white births in US