Man Attacked By Rattlesnake in Idaho Wal-Mart

A man was faced with an unpleasant surprise when shopping at an Idaho Wal Mart.

The man, Mica Craig, said he was shopping in the gardening center of Wal-Mart. He bent down to pick up a stick in one of the aisles, and he then realized it was a rattlesnake when it bit his hand.

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Craig says that he began screaming, and a Wal Mart manager came to his aid by stomping the rattlesnake to death.

A random bystander drove Craig to an emergency room in the area. Craig was treated with six bags of anti-venom, and he was told by doctors that his hand may remain permanently disfigured. He is expected to stay in the hospital until Tuesday.

Ban Bit By Rattlesnake At Wal Mart

Ban Bit By Rattlesnake At Wal Mart