The nation’s first family is again the target of stories claiming they were on the edge of divorce.

The latest accusation has Michelle Obama threatening to divorce Barack in 2000.

Obama biographer Edward Klein makes that claim in a book.

He alleges the split was a result of Mr. Obama not listening to Mrs. Obama when she told him to run against Bobby Rush for a seat in the House of Representatives.

“During the dark days that followed his defeat, he turned to Michelle for comfort. But she was in no mood for sympathy,” Klein reportedly writes.

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“He had refused to listen to her warnings about taking on Rush.”

The primary left them in debt and Barack depressed, Klein claims. “Michelle actually had divorce papers drawn up,” he writes, citing one of her friends.

“Obama was so depressed that some of his friends worried that he was suicidal,” the book adds, without elaboration on that particular point.

The White House is denying the story. Presidential spokesman Eric Schultz attacked Mr. Klein’s writing, saying the author has a history of making up stories to sell books.

“Ed Klein has a proven history of reckless fabrication in order to sell books,” presidential spokesman Eric Schultz says. “Nobody in their right mind would believe the nonsense in this one.”

A previous divorce rumor said the First Lady threatened to leave her husband if he sought a second term of office.

Obama Divorce Story Alleged In New Book

Obama Divorce Story Alleged In New Book