Jay-Z & Beyonce Leave Big Tip

In November of 2009, Beyonce and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, dined at Nello’s in the upper east side for lunch. Nello’s, an Italian restaurant, is an upscale New York eatery.

Beyonce and Jay-Z were served Dom Perignon with their meal.

Their dishes included lobster salad and white truffles.

The couple brought along their entourage of bodyguards, ten of them in all. No word on if the bodyguards got to partake in the luncheon.

The bill for Beyonce and Jay-Z ran up to $1,200. That’s just a drop in the bucket for this power couple.

They paid their bill and left a $500 tip. Apparently, the love birds really enjoyed their meal and time together.

The couple now have a daughter, their first, named Blue Ivy. Blue Ivy Carter was born in January of 2012 in New York. The family is said to be doing very well and are happy.

Beyonce + $500 tip + Nello's In New York

Beyonce + $500 tip + Nello's In New York