In high schools across the nation students are excitedly receiving their yearbooks, anxious to look at its contents and reminisce over the school year. But in Mesquite, Texas, school administrators confiscated the yearbooks after complaints came in from parents as well as students over some of the wording used to describe special needs students.

Yearbook editors allowed the words “mentally retarded” in conjunction with these children, which is an offensive word that the Special Olympics is working hard to ban because of the negative stereotypes it projects and the way it excludes and alienates people with disabilities. Not only are the words offensive, but inaccurate as some of the students are of average intelligence, but have disabilities such as being blind, deaf, or non-verbal.

Even though summer vacation has started in Mesquite, Texas, students will have to wait until next week to get their yearbooks back, and they will be missing the offensive pages.

Texas High School Pulled Yearbooks For Inappropriate Comments