International singing star Britney Spears made headlines when she accepted the role of a judge on the show “X Factor” for $15 million dollars for one season. However, it’s now reported that the singer is making other demands on the show which are quite telling. The list is as follows:

* 10 snack size bags of Dorito chips
* 10 pieces of chicken
* 4 pints of potato salad
* 12 snickers bars
* A 24-pack of diet Coke
* Her own personal beauty team
* A private massage therapist
* A manicurist
* A facialist
* 12 vases of magnolias
* 34 Hervé Leger dresses

With the $15 million she’s earning you would think she’d pay for these items herself, right? However, the Diva is making those demands be in addition to the money she’s being paid. Let’s hope the high calorie, high income wage she’s being paid translates into a ratings winner for the struggling show recently beaten badly by rival “American Idol”.

Britney Spears Demands For Fringe Benefits On "X Factor" Revealed