Ronald Reagan, former president of the United States, was shot just months after taking office in 1981. A vial of his blood found its way out of hospital doors and into the hands of a collector. That same collector recently attempted to sell the vial of blood at an online auction site.

News of the auction leaked to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation who called the sale “unethical”, among other things. The auction was called off by the seller last night amid the controversy. The vial was donated to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation following the decision to stop the auction.

The woman who took the vial of blood from the medical facility died last year. It was then passed into the hands of her son. He sold it to the collector who attempted to auction it. The auction raised a number of eyebrows, calling the man’s ethics into question.

Reagan was shot by John Hinckley Jr. who was attempting to impress actress Jody Foster. Foster was at college at the time and remained unimpressed with his efforts. He failed to impress her and was subsequently committed to a psychiatric hospital when found not guilty by reason of insanity. This later led to the reform of the insanity plea laws.

Ronald Reagan Blood Vial Auction Called Off