Exorcist and Roman Catholic priest Garbriel Amorth claims that a 15-year old girl buried in a suspected mafia leader’s tomb was a kidnap and sex torture victim used for Vatican sex parties.

Schoolgirl Emanuela Orlandi, who went missing back in 1983, is alleged to have been murdered and buried in mobster Enrico DePedis’ tomb. Father Amorth, who has conducted more than 70,000 exorcisms on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church, further alleges that the missing Orlandi was part of a network of school girls routinely recruited for sex parties held within the Vatican’s holy walls in Rome.

Police officials have authorized the proper authorities to break into mobster DePedis’ gravesite, where they have discovered bones not belonging to the gangster. Forensic authorities will help to determine whether the unknown remains do in fact belong to the missing Orlandi girl. Authorities originally claimed that Orlandi was probably kidnapped and taken oversees, but Amorth insists she met her fate as part of a Vatican linked sex crime.

Gabriel Amorth Claims Girl In Tomb Is Sex Party Victim