Father of 30 Kids Petitions State For Child Support Relief

At the young age of 33, Desmond Hatchet already has 30 children to support. The child support payments are high enough that Hatchet is petitioning the courts to ease up on the garnishment of his wages.

In the state of Tennessee, no more than half of the paycheck can be garnished in order to pay debts. Hatchet, a Knoxville native who works at a minimum wage job, currently has half of his check split among the 11 different mothers of his children. Depending upon their financial status, the mothers are entitled to between $25 to $300 per month.

But Hatchet’s financial obligation makes keeping up with the payments difficult. As a result, some mothers are only receiving as little as $1.49 per month. Since he is unable to meet the needs of his child support payments himself, Hatchet is asking the state of Tennessee to help him meet his financial obligation and reduce the amount taken out of his paycheck.

Father Of 30 Kids Petitions State For Child Support Relief