Lindsay Lohan Owes Tanning Salon $40,000

A tanning salon is placing a $40,000 judgment against Lindsey Lohan for not paying her bill.

A Nevada court ordered Lindsey to pay the salon $40,000 nine months ago. Despite the judgment, Lindsey still has not paid the salon the money she owes them.

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The tanning salon is attempting to get the case moved to California. By moving the case to California, the salon will try to seize some of her assets to pay the debt.

Lindsey accumulated the huge bill while she visited the tanning salon from 2007-2009. Her fans are split on whether they feel she should pay the bill or not.

Some of her fans are saying that the bill is outrageous and that she should not have to pay the huge amount owed to the salon. Other people are saying she should pay the bill because she can afford to pay for the tanning services she received at the salon.

One Facebook user commented:

“Come on! You got a million from playboy, pay your bills!! She just can’t seem to live life right. Always messing up somewhere. Throwing a drink in someones faceā€¦that is a bully. Between “mean girls” and “just my luck” it seems she has taken on both roles in her life. She needs a balance! Can’t wait to hear all the diva chit from the set of Liz and Dick.”

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The alleged unpaid tanning bill is the latest in a string of legal problems for the troubled star.

In February 2011, Lohan was charged with the theft of a $2,500 necklace reported stolen from a Los Angeles jewelry store in January that year. Lohan has also been charged several times for DUI.

Lindsay Lohan Owes Tanning Salon $40,000