The Capital City Alternative School, part of the Jackson public school system in Mississippi, will no longer handcuff its troubled students to stationary objects.

The school has been involved in a lawsuit since 2011 which was based on the litigation of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Students that attend the Capital City Alternative School are those who have had difficulities in the regular school system which have resulted in their expulsion or suspension.

In the past, students have been handcuffed to fixed objects, such as a pole, for long periods of time for infractions such as disrespect to a teacher or violation of the school’s dress code. Based on the ruling of Judge Tom Lee, handcuffs may not be used on fixed objects nor children under the age of 13. From this point forward, if handcuffs are still used, it must be for criminal activity and not for disciplinary action.

Mississippi School No Longer Allowed To Handcuff Students