Saturday afternoon, around mid-day, Miami police responded to calls about an attack. One homeless man attacked another in what witnesses are calling the most gruesome attack they have ever witnessed. The perpetrator who has now been identified as Rudy Eugene, used his teeth to rip at the face of his victim, homeless man Ronald Poppo. The thirty-one year old, Eugene, was shot by police after he refused to stop gnawing at Ronald Poppo’s face.

Sixty-five year old, Ronald Poppo, is in the hospital missing approximately seventy-five percent of his face after the grisly attack. Rudy Eugene was shot dead at the scene when he would not stop biting the victim. Witnesses said Eugene was in a frenzy and was ripping pieces and strips of the victims face off.

The attack happened near the Miami Herald offices and the MacArthur Causeway. Pictures show the men under the bridge, partially shielded from view. Both men were naked, and police believe that Eugene was under the influence of drugs.

Rudy Eugene’s family was contacted, and most reported that Eugene was a quiet young man. His ex-wife had a different story of Eugene. The couple had a short marriage, about a year and a half, before divorcing. She said she left him because he was violent.

The victim, Ronald Poppo, is in critical condition at the hospital. The exact details will be unknown unless the victim can explain what caused the attack, or the events leading up to it.

Cannibal Attack In Miami (PHOTO/VIDEO