Car Crash Kills Young Student Activist

Marina Keegan, 22, who became a symbol of student protest against big finance, was killed Saturday in a car crash near Dennis, Mass.

Keegan had just graduated from Yale, where she’d become nationally recognized as one of the leaders of Occupy Morgan Stanley, part of the broader Occupy movement. An English major, she wrote passionately that students should avoid the lure of big money jobs at financial institutions and instead lead more meaningful lives.

An accomplished writer, Keegan had already been published in the New York Times, as well as in the Yale Daily News. She was due to start work later this month at the prestigious New Yorker Magazine.

The words of hope and inspiration from her last newspaper column have been widely posted across the Internet. They stand as a tribute to a young woman full of the love of life, which has been so tragically cut short.

Car Crash Kills Student Activist Marina Keegan

Car Crash Kills Student Activist Marina Keegan