Miami Wakes Up To Zombie Attack

An average Saturday night turned into a nightmare for MacArthur Causeway when he was attacked by 31 year old Rudy Eugene.

The attacker was naked and was in a “Zombie like” state when he attacked Causeway, biting off parts of his face.

Causeway was rescued by the police who had to shoot Eugene dead to get the victim out of his grip. “Bath Salts” are the suspected here for the zombie like behavior of Rudy Eugene. These Bath Salts are different from what you would use in your everyday bath tub, and the name “Bath Salts” is just a disguise for a dangerous drug which is known to contain amphetamine like chemicals.

This new LSD like drug is illicitly available on the streets and is the culprit behind many such attacks that have occurred around the country lately.

The victim of the Zombie like attack is known to have lost around 85% of his face and will take a sometime to recover and get his life back to normal.