Many waiters and waitresses go home after their shift grumbling to themselves about their guests inability to tip appropriately. Houston waiter Greg Rubar is not one of those waiters.

Rubar recently received a five thousand dollar tip from a married couple, also from Houston.

The couple had been going to the place where Rubar works for a long time, and over the years they struck up a friendship.

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Rubar had recently lost his car in one of the many terrible storms that have devastated the Houston area. Due to his loss of transportation, Rubio was forced to walk, take expensive taxis, or trust public transportation to get to work.

When the couple, who asked to remain unidentified, heard of the struggles that their long-time friend was enduring, they decided to help him out. After their most recent meal at the dining establishment, the husband handed Greg an envelope containing five thousand dollars.

“He said, ‘We’re still going to come in, but we’re not going to tip you for a while.’ He said this is for you to go and buy a nice car,” said Rubar.

“It was a bit shocking to hear that. I was like, maybe $500, but $5,000 is quite a generous tip,” said restaurant owner D’Amico Donaldson.

Rubar had a hard time beliving it himself.

“People can be generous. They told me I deserved it,” said Rubar. “It’s overwhelming to me.”

Very appreciative of his tip, Greg Rubar is now shopping for a new car.

Waiter's $5,000 Tip For $27 Meal

Waiter's $5,000 Tip For $27 Meal