A St. Paul, Minnesota man is currently in the hospital after having a mortar firework surgically removed from his chest. The man, Nick Beheng, had been launching fireworks, presumably in celebration of the Memorial holiday when one of the devices went the wrong direction.

He had lit two mortar fireworks to launch them when the accident occurred. One of the fireworks went off as expected, launching into the air. The other firework shot into his chest. His injuries are severe, but Beheng is lucky the firework didn’t explode while lodged into his body.

Beheng was taken to the St. Paul’s Regions Hospital for treatment. There surgeons had to call in the bomb squad. The team was required to stand by in the waiting room while Beheng underwent surgery to remove the firework. On removal, the unexploded device was taken to a bunker in the bomb squad’s Rosemount training facility.

The type of fireworks that Beheng was using are illegal in Minnesota.

Man Survives Firework To The Chest