At the age of six, Lori Anne Madison became the youngest person to ever enter the National Spelling Bee as of 2012.

She spelled “dirigible” during the first round within a few seconds and without any trouble. The audience was already surprised enough that such a young girl could find her way into the national spotlight. During the second round, though, she ran into trouble with the word “ingluvies”. In fact, Madison missed the word by a single letter and was thus knocked out of the competition after one successful round. That does not take away from her incredible accomplishment though, especially since most of the competitors at the competition were almost twice her age or older.

Lori Anne Madison will more than likely return to the competition again next year where she will be a year older and a year smarter. Without a doubt, she will still be one of the youngest competitors there.

Lori Anne Madison Knocked Out Of National Spelling Bee