In an age where social media outranks many other traditional forms of communicating, Mike Duerksen of Winnipeg decided that a live twitter proposal was the best way to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

Popping the question on Twitter was the last step in an elaborate Twitter report following Duerksen’s 12 hour date with girlfriend Janelle Freed in which he tweeted about taking her to eight special locations prior to ending the date at his parent’s home with a marriage proposal.

Duerksen wasn’t afraid that Freed would see the surprise on Twitter because she intended to leave her cellphone at home and isn’t as big a Twitter fan as Duerksen is. He originally did the live tweet proposal because he wanted a few important family members and friends to share in the big event, but soon realized that his live tweet was being followed by Twitter fans around the globe. Fortunately for Duerksen, she said yes!

Mike Duerksen's Girlfriend Says Yes to Twitter Proposal